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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Apr 25, 2020

Grant Cardone is the CEO of Cardone Capital, he's written 8 books, he's got 13 best selling business programs, he runs 17 different businesses in the Miami area. Forbes calls him the #1 social media influencer in the world, he's the founder of the 10X Movement. He's been featured on FOX News, CNBC, CNN and all over the media.

During this interview we discuss:

2:30 - Grant shares what metrics he uses to measure or monitor his brand.

8:11 - What does a Grant Cardone look for when hiring a staff member.

11:38 - Despite all the success, Grant shares to us some struggles that he also experienced recently.

17:38 - Grant shares some of his biggest failures in business.

24:35 - We talk about how to capitalize the market, in a right way, as we go through this downturn in the economy as a result or the Corona pandemic.

27:30 - He shares the #1 business superpower he wishes he had.

31:01 - A piece of advice from Grant Cardone to B2B Sales Department or if you are a Salesperson running a B2B.

PLUS a whole lot more!

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