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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Aug 29, 2019

In this solo episode I reflect back on my wrestling and judo career and 6 lessons I learned along the way. These were tough lessons but they've helped me on my journey to launching 3 multi-million dollar businesses that have cumulatively done over $200 million in sales.

Facts you might not know about me...

- I starting wrestling at age 7 and immediately fell in love w/ the sport.

- I wrestled in high school and in at the NCAA Division I level at the University at Buffalo.

- My friend and teammate, Nick Rastelli, got me started in Judo in 1992 while a Senior in college.  I practice regularly at Kintora Judo in Buffalo, NY.

- I am now a 2nd degree blackbelt and instructor and still a huge NCAA wrestling fan. [sorry, I don't watch the WWE]

- Last but not least, I am on my path to growing my fourth 7 figure business and my Growth Experts podcast is a part of that journey!


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