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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Apr 19, 2018

Joseph Lazukin is a serial entrepreneur and a conversion rate optimization (CRO) expert who has already has 3 exits under his belt before the age of 30. His CRO agency is now doing over $20 million a year because of a unique business and pricing model we discuss during our call.

During our interview we discuss:

- What is conversion rate optimization and how does it work?

- He also shares an new SEO strategy that he used to get one of his businesses ranked very quickly.

- Joseph shares a few conversion rate optimization tips that he is using to help his clients increase sales by optimizing their onsite sales conversions.  

- He shares the top 5 reasons why people abandon their cart during checkout and exactly how to fix it.

- I even get him to share with me his #1 strategy for getting new consulting clients.

- We do a deep dive into how Joseph was able to optimize SEO for one of his clients that more than doubled both their traffic and sales. 

- Joe shares the #1 thing he would do differently to grow even faster if he had to start all over again.

- He talks about his favorite growth tool/software.

Joseph's website: