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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Dec 23, 2019

Ray Leone was the top salesman for two International organizations using his Sales Funnel® system that he developed and now teaches all around the world his system. Today he is an award winning consultant, business owner, author and sought after speaker. Ray is the author of Secrets of the Sales Funnel as well as a NEW book coming out soon, called, "Ray's Rules" which shares 75 sales rules he learned throughout his career.

During our interview we discuss:

- We start out as Ray shares what exactly is Ray's Rules.

- Then we dive into RULE 29 called "The Turtle"

- Ray shares a story about how rule 29 helped Oracle to increase their sales.

- He explains how the average buyer see's no distinguishable difference and how to use Ray Rules to be different.

- Then Ray shares his RULE 35 called "The WITY"

- He talks about the importance of the 3 D's.

- "Don't ask people to buy your product, ask them to fulfill their dominant buy mode"

- We talk why people in B2B either buy and/or don't buy and it has nothing to do with price.

- The importance of asking for the order upfront before even talk about price and how to do it.

- Ray shares why he decided to write his NEW book "Ray's Rules"

- We talk about RULE 24 called "Land Mines"

- Ray tells a story about a pivotal sales experience he has back in 1976 that changed his career.

- He shares two examples of of how to use rule 24  to get more clients.

- And much more...

Click here to listen to Ray in E39 - The Easiest Way to Convert Your Audience in Clients.

Ray's websites:

Email to get a special deal "Ray's Rules" when it release. Just add "Ray's Rules" in the subject line.


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