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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Mar 19, 2020

Jeff J Hunter builds personal brands for accomplished CEO's and Founders who are ready to leverage their business achievements to become influencers in their category. He is the creator of the core branding method and founder of which is a 50+ person agency. 

During this interview we discuss:

1:45 - Jeff shares how and why he started BrandedMedia

4:59 - We talk about the importance of building a personal brand

7:55 - He explains why it's important get ranked at the top of Google for your personal brand. 

10:46 - Jeff explains the exact process you can use to get ranked at the top of Google.  

15:40 - How Google determines if you are a valid/credible entity and how that will impact if you get ranked or not.

25:52 - We talk how most people, before doing business with someone, will search both Google and LinkedIn to vet their credibility.

27:35 - He shares one final SEO hack that directly impacts how you can be found on Google.

27:39 - PLUS a whole lot more!

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