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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Apr 22, 2019

Dan Lok is a social media infuencer, serial entrepreneur and investor. After 13 failed online businesses he became a self made millionaire at age 27. Today he is one of the biggest legends in the online education space with over 15 million downloads a month of his content. When it comes to High Ticket closing, Dan is one of the most sought experts in the world with over 130 countries. He's also about to release a NEW book called, "Unlock It" 

During our interview we discuss:

- Why Dan decided to become an entrepreneur.

- He shares the importance of taking risk and making mistakes.

- Dan shares his #1 strategy for getting new customer for his business.

- We talk about the importance of being willing to invest money upfront to get new customers and then have a system to monetize them on the back-end.

- He shares why selling on price is a huge mistake and is not sustainable.

- Dan shares his 3 components for successfully scaling your business idea.

- He talks about one of his biggest mistakes he made that wasted tons of his time AND how he correct it.

- Dan shares an example of a winning paid lead funnel might look like.

- He shares his marketing consumption theory.

- Dan shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- He shares and recommends one of his favorite books.

Dan's websites:

Get a copy of Dan's NEW book, "Unlock It"


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