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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Mar 16, 2020

Josue Pena is an ex-soccer player turned entrepreneur who fell in love with Instagram. He now runs a 7 figure FIGURE Instagram agency where he helps people grow and monetize their Instagram following. He is also a host of a really popular podcast called "Success Tank"

During this interview we discuss:

2:04 - Josue shares how and why he is expanding beyond his IG agency.

4:01 - We talk about the two main pillars you need to grow your following on Instagram.

5:01 - He shares two case studies of how he has helped different brands rapidly grow and monetize their following on IG.

6:22 - Josue shares his exactly framework for selling high ticket offers using Instagram.

16:55 - What is an Instagram story webinar?

15:27 - He shares examples and tips of how to create an Instagram story webinar.

22:18 - What call to action converts the best with Instagram stories. 

22:53 - Josue shares exactly how to leverage DM's to help sell high ticket products/services.

30:15 - BONUS tip when he shares his 5-1-30 strategy.

32:07 - PLUS a whole lot more.

Josue's websites:

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Learn from Josue on Youtube

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