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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

May 19, 2020

Kevin Zhang a serial eCommerce entrepreneur and the CoFounder & CEO of Kreator eCommerce, a global eCommerce organization including over 60 team members with facilities in 3 countries. At just 23, Kevin achieved acclaim in the digital strategy and eCommerce community for generating $20M in sales in my first year as an entrepreneur. 

During this interview we discussed:

1:11 - Kevin shares a quick backstory on how  he landed in the e-commerce biz.

2:21 - He shares how is family tried to talk him out of becoming an entrepreneur and why he did it anyway. 

5:10 - Kevin shares the #1 business superpower he wished he had.

7:22 - How Kevin bootstrapped his e-com biz to over $20 million in sales in just 1 year.

8:34 - The four stages of building your e-commerce business.

11:12 - The important of being niche vs a generalist when it comes to ecom.

12:03 - The competition on a niche store and how you can achieve that brand feel in a bootstrap way.

13:57 - Why Kevin prefer using Shopify rather than amazon.

14:53 - What does a dropship agent do and how you can engage them.

16:37 - How difficult it would be to engage an agent if you're not Asian.

19:55 - What is Kevin's long term plan for his ecommerce brands?

23:04 - Samples of a fast cash flow product but low enterprise.


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