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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Mar 19, 2018

Josh Fechter is the founder and CEO of BAMF media, a growth hacker, a LinkedIn influencer and has been featured in Reuters, Forbes, Entrepreneur as well as others.  He is also the author of the #1 book to ever launch on Product Hunt called the BAMF Bible.

During our interview we discuss...

- What is growth hacking?

- Josh shares his top growth hack for both LinkedIn and Facebook.

- He shares how he landed his first client for his growth agency, BAMF media.

- We also dive into the #1 strategy Josh uses today to get new clients.

- Josh shares what he would do differently to grow faster if given the chance to do it all over again.

- LinkedIn recently changed it's algorithm and Josh talks about how he changed his approach to continue to grow his following.

- We talk about his favorite growth tool/software.

- Josh also shares his favorite business book.

Josh's websites: