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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Apr 24, 2023

Founder of The Setter Machine, Lloyd Yip, simplifies his approach to gaining leads and funneling sales using appointment setters. He breaks down organic outreach, organic inbound, and paid traffic to point out the flaw some strategies carry versus the strengths of others.

Before living the digital nomad life, Lloyd pursued a more traditional career path of startups, specifically enterprise software. Around him, he was witnessing friends starting their own businesses and scaling them up to 7 figures. Llyod knew he had the skills to do the same it was just a matter of execution. He pulled the trigger with his first fully digital business, and through this, he saw a gap in the market for appointment setters.

Tune in to hear Lloyd’s story…

[01:00] Introduction to Lloyd Yip

[02:31] Background

[06:28] Leveraging appointments setters to open 7 figures of revenue

[08:45] Organic outreach

[12:40] Organic inbound marketing

[16:03] Where does the appointment setter come in?

[20:31] Bridging the gap using setters

[21:39] Paid traffic

[26:18] Favorite tool

[28:23] Favorite book

[29:11] Connect with Lloyd


Connect with Llyod:


Lloyd’s Favorite Business Tool:

Text Expander

Lloyd’s Favorite Book:

The Challenger Sales by Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon


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