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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Apr 3, 2023

CEO and founder of EnergyX, Teague Egan, takes us on a journey into the future like no other. Energy Exploration Technologies is on a mission to provide the world with clean energy and on this episode, he walks us through the unconventional path of crowdfunding his business and marketing through avenues like YouTube and podcasts.   

On a serendipitous trip to Bolivia, Teague found himself on the world’s largest lithium reserve. Having been a tesla owner and shareholder since ’13, it dawned on him the massive amount of lithium these electronics cars required; from this experience, Teague set out to create the most cost-effective and efficient lithium battery. 

Tune in to hear Teague’s story… 

[01:01] Introduction to Teague Egan  

[01:57] EnergyX 

[03:06] Coming up with the idea  

[06:24] Raising capitol 

[09:51] Two avenues when starting a venture  

[11:11] Record label  

[12:46] Platform used for crowdfunding 

[15:05] Key components in crowdfunding  

[18:08] Driving awareness  

[21:32] How would you crowdfund if you had to do it over again? 

[24:10] Favorite growth tool 

[25:09] Favorite book 

[26:16] Connect with Teague 


Connect with Teague:  

Teague’s Favorite Business Tool:   

  • Salesforce 

Teague’s Favorite Book:   

  • Make Your Bed by Admiral McRaven 


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