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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Mar 27, 2023

CEO of Consulting Success®, Michael Zipursky, walks us through the two major components of marketing he stands by; ideal client clarity and the magnetic message with an added three parts on developing a magnetic message for your ideal client. 

Michael was born in Toronto and raised in Israel for 5 years of his infancy. When he moved back to Canada, Michael did not know a word of English. Feeling ostracized, he took this energy a funneled it into sports and himself. Once entering his first year at university, Michael and his cousin Sam started their own consulting business focusing on web design. Two more businesses later, they got back together to start Consulting Success® which he is now the CEO of. 

Tune in to hear Michael’s story… 

[01:09] Introduction to Michael Zipursky 

[02:36] Background 

[06:21] Two components for marketing 

[07:26] Ideal client clarity 

[12:09] The magnetic message 

[13:29] Three-part formula on developing a magnetic message  

[19:12] Consulting early stage startups 

[23:27] Consulting Success free resources 

[23:47] Favorite growth tool  

[25:35] Favorite book  

[26:48] Connect with Michael   


Connect with Michael:  

Michael’s Favorite Business Tool:   

Michael’s Favorite Book:   


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