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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jan 9, 2023

Today on The Growth Expert’s Podcast, we are joined by the CEO of ZTPR, Zach Teperman. Zach began his career as a radio DJ working in regions like Miami, Canada, to Europe. During his time there, Zach interviewed celebrities and, while working for the Toronto International Film Festival, was scouted by a pr agency and invited to work in Hollywood. Four years later, Zach branched out to launch ZTPR and is now a staple in the public relations realm.

In this episode, Zach expounds upon strategies you can use to gain media exposure with little to no money. Whether you cater to a specific niche or offer a diversified service, Zach helps you navigate the intricacies of generating exposure, to pitching, to getting awareness, all from the ground up!

During this interview, we discuss:

[02:21] – Backstory on Zach Teperman

[03:41] – Zach’s specialization (or not) in pr

[05:05] – Clients

[05:48] – How Zach generated exposure and create awareness

[08:28] – Getting big media exposure with little to no money

[12:28] – Discover what your story is

[15:07] – Planning for the interview

[17:41] – Build credibility and maintain realistic expectations

[20:51] – New media

[23:02] – Advice for small businesses starting off

[24:18] – Think outside the box

[25:43] – Favored growth tool

[26:07] – Book recommendations

[26:42] – Connect with Zach




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