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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Sep 26, 2022

Jeremy Slate is a podcast and public relations master, as well as the CEO of Command Your Brand, a PR agency that books guests on podcasts to help them grow their brands and helps people in the podcast space utilize their content effectively. Jeremy is back on the show for the second time to divulge three insider secrets to getting more clients through podcasts.

Tune in to learn how to maximize your ROI and get more clients with proven tactics (plus a few bonus PR hacks) he’s used with his own business and his own clients.

During this interview, we discuss:

1:30 – Jeremy’s background + About Command Your Brand

4:36 – How to deliver an effective call to action with a dedicated landing page

9:14 – Utilizing email sequences

11:23 – Facebook Pixel code on your landing page

12:25 – How to leverage retargeted ads for your podcast

15:50 – Who do these strategies work for?

16:44 – Being effective with your appearances in the media

17:17 – How to connect with and work with Jeremy

Plus, a whole lot more!


Command Your Brand

Create Your Own Life Podcast


Facebook Pixel

The 7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Featured In Your Favorite Podcast


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