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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Aug 1, 2022


Jordan West is an entrepreneur who almost went bankrupt owning a Mexican chain restaurant. He’s built multiple 7 figure businesses and now helps eCommerce stores move from 6 to 7 figures in revenue using strategies he uses on his own business. Jordan and his family own a clothing brand called Little & Lively, as well as an eCommerce marketing agency called Mindful Marketing. He also hosts the Secrets to Scaling Your eCommerce Brand Podcast. Jordan is here to speak on how he was able to generate over $250,000 in eCommerce sales in 24 hours with no direct paid ads.  

Tune in to learn the steps he took to develop his strategy, including gating his website, creating a VIP group, and an SMS list. Jordan explains how he’s able to scale a very personal message that’s included with every purchase and shares two books that helped him on his entrepreneurial journey. 

During this interview, we discuss: 

2:37 – About his eCommerce brand, marketing agency, and mastermind  

6:00 – The breakdown of Jordan’s strategy for generating revenue: VIP group + SMS list 

12:22 – With paid ads, how did you get people to go from a Facebook ad onto the SMS list? 

13:53 – How often to message people on your SMS list 

15:10 – Password protecting your website during launches 

16:38 – How many products/SKUs did you release in this launch? 

17:00 – The caveat to paid ads 

17:50 – The special extra they’re including with every order + How they’re managing it at scale 

19:32 – Some valuable strategies aren’t scalable 

20:13 – Jordan’s favorite growth tool  

20:55 – Jordan’s most recommended book 

22:18 – How to connect with Jordan 

Plus, a whole lot more! 

Jordan's Websites:

Contagious by Jonah Berger 


Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Mindful Marketing

Little & Lively

Join Jordan’s Mastermind

Email Jordan


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