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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jun 13, 2022

Andy Seth is the CEO of Flow Marketing and has 4 successful 7 figure exits as an entrepreneur. Flow Marketing is recognized as being in the top 10% of B-Corps worldwide and they are the first agency in the nation to be accredited with federally registered apprenticeships. He also helped more than a thousand low-income students go to college on scholarships.

During this interview we discuss:

1:46 - How Andy helped send a thousand plus students to college on scholarships.

5:42 - Why did Andy started Flow Marketing and what's Flow Marketing exactly?

9:47 - Andy implemented policies to help his leadership team get into "Flow State" and then this happened as a result!

12:22 - What is the definition of "Flow State?"

13:18 - Andy shared exactly how we can put ourselves into Flow State.

14:37 - The 4 components to the energy cycle of flow.

17:24 - Can I tap into Flow State everyday?

19:05 - How can we start achieving or tapping into Flow State?

21:44 - Can I make it into a routine?

25:52 - Andy shares his favorite growth tool/software.

26:14 - He recommended one of his favorite book to us.


Andy's Websites:

Get Andy's Book called "Bling"


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