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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Nov 15, 2019

Jeff Haden is an Author, Speaker, Ghostwriter, Inc. Magazine contributing editor, LinkedIn Influencer. He's the author of a book called THE MOTIVATION MYTH which is available through amazon and other book retailers.

Jeff has ghostwritten over fifty non-fiction books, including seven Amazon category #1 hit. He has also ghostwritten hundreds of columns, articles, presentations, speeches... you name it, He’s ghostwritten it.

During our interview we discuss:

- What is ghostwriting and how he makes money doing it.

- Jeff answer if he thinks it's still worth it to write for publications including why or why not?

- He shares how entrepreneurs, consultant and personal brands can leverage writing to grow their businesses.

- Jeff shares 4 steps to to becoming a contributor for major publications like Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes, etc.

- Jeff shares the myth of motivation and how motivated people stay motivated.

Jeff's websites:

Get his book, "The Motivation Myth" at 

Twitter @jeff_haden


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