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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Feb 21, 2019

Michelle Tillis Lederman is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach and author who has written four books.  She was named by Forbes as one of the top 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch.  She helps organizations and individuals to build real relationships for greater results through her company Executive Essentials.  Her clients include many fortune 500 companies as well as Madison Square Garden, Ernst and Young, Johnson and Johnson, Sony and many others.

During our interview we discuss:

- Michelle starts out by sharing her #1 strategy for getting new clients for her business.

- Michelle talks about why introverts are in many cases better connectors than extroverts.

- We talk about how any business owner can leverage being a connector to help increase your profits.

- Michelle talks about the biggest advantages to being a connector.

- Why it's not necessary or realistic to every person you know and some ideas on how to be efficient while connecting.

- We talk about the importance of focusing on relationships over transactions when it comes to be a successful connector.

- I share one of my biggest regrets when it comes to my career.

- Michelle shares her favorite software/tool for growing her business.

- She shares her favorite book.

Michelle's websites:

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