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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jan 24, 2019

Jordan Rolband is the President and co-founder of DFO Global Performance Commerce, a marketing and technology company. Jordan's expertise includes product development, advertising, media buying, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, Saas and more.

During our interview we discuss:

- How DFO has grown to over 200 employees and more than $10 million in revenue.

- Then Jordan shares the #1 strategy that Jordan uses to get NEW clients today.

- Jordan dissects his 4 step process for growing an e-commerce business using affiliate marketing.

- We talk about some of the biggest mistakes people make when using affiliating marketing.

- Jordan talks about the differences/challenges between marketing in just the US vs globally.

- He shares the 1 thing he would do different to grow faster, if he launched his business today.

- Jordan shares one of his favorite growth tools/software.

- We close it out with Jordan sharing and recommending one of his favorite books.


Jordan's websites:

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