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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Nov 21, 2019

During this solo episode I share 5 of my favorite time saving tools and apps. Cumulatively I think these apps save me at least 3-5 hours per week. 

#1 on the list will help you manage all the username and passwords you have for all the different websites you are a member of.

#2 on the list saves me time when I want to capture/edit an image on my desktop or online as well as recording and sharing short screen record style videos.  

#3 on the list will save you a ton of time by allowing you to save frequently used snippets aka text based messages that you use repetitively. These include email, text and even social media.

#4 on the list has will allow you to spy on your prospects, customers and even competitors and see exactly what they are doing online. You can also use this to get new potential leads emailed directly to you on a daily or weekly basis.

#5 on the list is one of my favorite and not only saves me time but more important frustration and even money.  If you have ever misplaced your keys, wallet, earbuds, purse, computer, backpack or luggage this one is absolutely GOLD.


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