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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Dec 5, 2019

Amber Vilhauer's life was never the same after a traumatic rock bottom moment when she was 16 years old she was badly beaten by 5 girls at a party. Since that moment, Amber consciously faced her fears and stepped into her highest and best self.

After breaking several national records selling cutco cutlery she founded NGNG Enterprises (NoGutsNoGlory!) and grew it to 7 figures. 

Today Amber has supported well over 1000 entrepreneurs including bestselling authors Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Sandra Yancey and Mark Victor Hansen.

During our interview we discuss:

- How she got started as an entrepreneur.

- Amber shares the #1 strategy she uses to get new clients for her business.

- She shares one of her recent failures as an entrepreneur.

- I ask Amber what "business super power" she wished she had.

- Amber shares her content re-purposing strategy and process.

- The importance of video as a key component of your content strategy.

- She shares why she developed her content creation strategy.

- We discuss the importance of batching when it comes to creating content for your business.

- She shares how to work with a VA to do 90% of the work when it comes to re-purposing your content.

- The importance of tracking your content marketing results.

- She shares the best way to work with a virtual assistant (VA) to set them up for success.

- Amber shares her biggest challenge growing a 7 figure business.

- She shares her favorite growth strategy/tool.

- Amber recommends one of her favorite business books.

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